Braun Series 3 3080s electric shaver

In the past, we reviewed the very popular Series 3 3040/340s wet or dry foil shaver. Now Braun have come out with an older brother the Braun series 3 3080s electric shaver. With more SensoFoil options and other improvements this model is one of the most popular on the market today.

The Basics/ In The Box

When you open the box, you will notice the Braun Series 3 3080 has a simple yet solid build. Its design is slighty different from its younger brother the 3040/340s. Rather than having the slight depressions on the side you have fully rubberised grips. With this you are able to firmly grip the shaver and have complete control. The shaver is symmetrical so it can be used with either hand. It has a traditional black overlay and a blue inlay and looks quite good. There is also a switch on the shaver to lock the blades in place as they are retractable. Designed to be used wet or dry.

You also get a Charging stand, Travel pouch, 2 Pin plug, Protective cap and an Instruction booklet. It also comes with a 2-year warranty and has a recommended retail price of £139.00 but you can get it at half price here.

Operation and Ease of Use

This model also has a triple action cutting system with two large SensoFoils and one small trimmer foil in the middle. The major difference of the Braun Series 3080s and the older model is that in this has a precision mode. This is where you flip the switch on the shaver to retract one of the main foil blades. This is for increased precision and helps a lot to reach problem areas much better than the older model. The foil blades also move independently in a see-saw fashion, this allows the blades to fit the contours of your face without difficulty. The 3080 model also has MicroComb technology. The middle trimmer foil has miniaturised combs on the sides this catches hairs more easily and feeds them into the blades. With this there in no pulling, it eliminates hairs more quickly and efficiently.

Results After Shaving

The Braun Series 3 3080s gives you a close shave using its MicroComb technology it really cleans up hairs well, leaving you with a polished face. The precision mode is very useful for shaving as it is effective at tackling places that are hard to reach like the moustache and jawline. This is efficient when shaving as you still get a close shave and cover all areas of your face just by flipping a switch. If you shave daily, you will get a consistent smooth shave with this shaver. The independently moving foil heads never fail to cover all hairs while following the contours of your face. We found that with short stubble this shaver makes quick work clearing  your face up completely in 5 minutes. With a beard that’s a few days’ old this shaver performs exceptionally well. With just over 10 minutes of shaving the MicroComb technology makes quick work of a beard without any nicks or pulling of the hair.

Sensitive skin?

For sensitive skin the SensoFoil the Braun Series 3 3080s uses gives you a closer shave due to its optimised foil and is very smooth on the skin. The Braun 3080s is good for sensitive skin as it is designed to be used with foam or gel for increased comfort. When used wet it provides you with a smooth shaving experience with no irritation or burns.

Battery Life

This shaver will run for approximately 45 minutes which is around 5 shaves. It has a charging time of around 60 minutes. There is quick charge option which gives you a single shave for a 5-minute charge. So, no worries if you forget to charge it. It also comes with a charging stand which the older version does not have. This keeps things neat and you can place it on the stand after a shave having it fully charged for next time.

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning the Braun Series 3080s is very easy, since it is fully waterproof you just run it under a tap after a shave and the hairs are quickly cleaned away. It also comes with a cleaning brush to thoroughly clean out the blades. Unlike the old model this one comes with a travel pouch so you can keep the shaver and the blades well maintained when travelling.

Special Features

The best feature to this shaver is the retractable foil heads for extra precision. Which allows the shaver to better handle tricky areas. For even more precision, it comes with a pop-up trimmer at the back, useful for getting rid of sideburns.

Final Thoughts

Compared to its younger brother the Braun 3080s really does a better job at cleaning up your face and giving you a closer shave. The Precision mode is an excellent feature for those who are looking for a closer and cleaner shave every day. If you are a person who shaves regularly, looking for a quality shaver that gets the job done consistently and is affordable to you, then look no further than the Braun Series 3 3080s.

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