Remington R7150 Black Diamond X Shaver

Remington Black Diamond-X shaverThe Remington R7150 Black Diamond-X is part of the Remington X-series of shavers. These shavers have been built for extreme precision and are designed to suit your needs. The Remington X-system combines flex and pivot technology for a clean close cut shave. We tested out the Remington Black Diamond-X, see our full review below.

The Basics/ In The Box

Inside the box, you get the Remington R7150 Black Diamond-X shaver which has a sleek ergonomic design making for a stylish shaver. It’s weighted for optimal balance for ease of use.  You will notice a smooth rubber like grip where you hold the shaver. This makes it fit comfortably in your hand due to its smoothness. Also, there are spots which protrude out the shaver for better grip and handling. It also has a trimmer which slides up at the back on the shaver for quick use.

With this shaver, you also get a charging stand, a travel pouch, a 2-year guarantee and an instruction manual. The retail price for this shaver is £129.00 but don’t worry as you can get it at a discount here.

Operation and Ease of Use

Remington have implemented special features with their Black Diamond technology. The blades of the Remington R7150 Black Diamond-X are coated in black diamond which are incredibly hard wearing but extremely smooth on the skin which results in a remarkable shaving experience. The Remington X-system is also incorporated in this shaver system with four main features. The first being the pivoting shaver head which automatically adjusts to the contours of your skin for a close shave. The second being the dual track blade system which includes 21 tiny cutters producing precise and effective results. The third feature is the multi flex shaver heads which move independently and very precisely in all directions for ultimate surface coverage. The final feature of the X-system is the advanced angled blades which are positioned at the perfect angle to give you a fast and close shave with no discomforts.

Results After Shaving

Remington says this shaver gives a 400% better glide for a smoother shave with its black diamond technology compared to their older models. After using it for a couple of weeks we can say that the Remington Black Diamond-X shaver does glide much more smoothly than some other shavers we have reviewed. This is due to the black diamond coated blades as they glide over your skin seamlessly even if you have rough stubble. The pivoting shaver head and the flexing technology of the cutters do an excellent job of tracking the convex and concaves of your face. The blade system does a fine job of going through hairs with ease. Going over your face a few times leaves you with a polished and clean shave.

Sensitive skin?

The Remington Black Diamond-X shaver works fine for sensitive skin. The black diamond coated blades makes for a comfortable shave which minimises friction on your skin. Also, you don’t get skin irritation with this shaver the black diamond technology allows it to glides so smoothly over your skin.

Battery Life

The Remington Black Diamond-X shaver has a battery life of around one hour and a charging time of about 90 minutes. If you can’t wait for the charger to fully charge, there is always the quick charge option. For 5 minutes, you can charge the shaver enough for one shave, this is useful when you are in a rush. The shaver also comes with a charging station so after a shave you can just place the shaver one the stand for ease. If you prefer the shaver does come with a separate charging cable.

Cleaning and Care

The Remington R7150 Black Diamond-X does not come with a cleaning brush but it is very easy to clean. You just lift open the shaver heads and give it a quick run under the tap and it will completely remove all the hairs. After two weeks of use we were amazed that all the hairs were all easily removed just by running it through water.

Special Features

One of the special features of the Remington R7150 Black Diamond-X is that it comes with a charging stand. This is convenient as it keeps things organised and after you have a shave it’s easy to just place it on the stand and let it charge for the next use. Another feature is the pop-trimmer at the back of the shaver. It is quick to pull out and simple to use. The trimmer can be effective for shaping up a beard or cutting off sideburns as well as reaching problem areas. A LED display on the shaver shows you battery life and a charge indicator.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we felt like this shaver gave a clean and close shave, but the highlight of this shaver was how comfortable it felt gliding across your skin. The black diamond coated blades are really unique and work very well for shaving. The Black Diamond-X technology is effective at eliminating hairs and giving you a clean, polished and smooth shave. For what it gives you this shaver meet expectations and with its affordable price it is a shaver that truly gives you value for money.

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