Remington XR1330 HyperFlex Wet and Dry Rotary Shaver

remington xr1330 hyperflex shaverThe Remington XR1330 HyperFlex Wet and Dry Rotary Shaver is said to be tough on stubble and gentle on the skin. Its advanced pivoting and flexing head follow every part of your face making for closer more efficient shaving to get even the most stubborn stubble without harming the skin. See below for full review of this Remington HyperFlex shaver.

The Basics/ In The box

What you get in the box is the Remington XR1330 HyperFlex Rotary Shaver, a Charging stand, a Travel pouch, Charger, an Instruction booklet and a 2-year guarantee. When you hold the shaver, you will notice that it is sleek and easy to hold in your hand. Also the groves on the curves on the shaver make it so it fits perfectly in either hand. You also get a charging stand which is convenient since you don’t have to plug a charger in. It also comes with a travel pouch good for storing and ideal for those who travel a lot. Also included is a 2-pin plug charger and an instruction booklet. The Retail price for this shaver is £129 but you can get it at a discounted price here.

Operations and Ease of Use

The Remington XR1330 HyperFlex Rotary Shaver has improved cutter technology with its PrecisionUltra cutters. These cutters have holes to cut short hairs and slots to cut the long hairs making sure every hair gets captured and cut. The shaver head is made up of three circular heads which have Dual track blades and these are blades that rotate in the opposite direction of each other which gives an overall closer shave. The Remington HyperFlex Shaver is waterproof so you have the option of using it as a wet or dry shaver. The ergonomics of this shaver were done right and feels so comfortable when in use, however the plastic of the shaver does feel like it could break easily but after many uses remains sturdy. It is fully charged when out the box so it can be used straight away.

Results after Shaving

The Remington XR1330 HyperFlex Rotary Shaver gives a more thorough shave than previous Remington models. The movable head and flexibility of the shaver heads really covers the contours of your face well. However, with the Remington HyperFlex Shaver you may find that you may have to adjust the pressure and angle. Its a nice close shave without any pulling of hair when you are accustomed to it. As a wet shaver, it handles well and you are able shave safely and comfortably whilst in the shower. You can get into tricky spots like under the chin and the jaw because of the flexible heads.

Sensitive Skin?

The blades of the Remington HyperFlex Rotary Shaver are suited for sensitive skin, as you get a close shave without any cuts or nicks. You can have a comfortable shave as the shaver glides over the skin without causing a reaction. If you are worried you can always just apply less pressure and go over your skin a few times which still gives a good shave or you can use shaving cream.

Battery Life

The Remington XR1330 HyperFlex Rotary is lithium powered which means it is more long lasting as the battery lasts for around 50 minutes which is a quite good as you can get about 4-5 good shaves off one charge. This shaver takes about 4 hours to fully charge which is not that bad but if you feel that it is too long you can just leave it on overnight. You also get a charging stand with is convenient since you just plug it in and place the shaver on it and let it charge.

Cleaning and Care

To clean the Remington HyperFlex Rotary shaver you just pull off the shaver heads, you may have to press the centre to pop the shaver heads out empty them out then wash its pretty easy and you can get it all done in less than a couple minutes. Some may find it tricky to pop the shaver heads out but you just gently prise the heads off once you get used to it then it becomes quite simple.

Special Features

One of the special features of this shaver is its ComfortTrim Detail Trimmer which just simply flips out the shaver for ease and provides a pain free shave as the trimmer has rounded tips so there are no scraped or nicks. Its good for getting rid of sideburns and works well for trimming and shaping up your beard. In Addition another special feature is the charging stand as it is dual purpose and can also be used as a travel pouch which fits over your shaver and goes over the buttons so it doesn’t switch on by accident when you are on the go.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Remington XR1330 HyperFlex Rotary shaver is ideal for daily use and provides a comfortable shave as the movable heads go smoothly over your skin giving you a close shave. At first you may think that this shaver looks cheap because its covered in plastic but when using it the shaver is sturdy and easy to hold, so do not let the looks fool you as this shaver does an excellent job and because it is such a good price for what the results are we are pleased with it.

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