Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver

remington electric shaver F7800

The Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver is the top-of-the-line model in the Remington X-Series Shavers collection and is one of Remington’s signature designs. After reading numerous Remington electric shaver reviews about the F7800, we put the model to the test ourselves to see how it performs.

The Basics/ In The Box

Strictly a dry shaver, the Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver has a very nice build quality, which you can feel the moment that you take it out of the box. As some other reviews point out, the razor is a little larger than foil models offered by other brands, but the difference in size does not make it any heavier than competitors. The handle has a nicely tapered shape that is easy to hold onto. A divot right at the spot where you rest your thumb is a smart finishing touch that greatly improves your grip. The shaver comes with a charging stand and a travel pouch. Although the recommended retail price of the model is £129.99, we found it for sale for under £40, which is a real bargain considering the quality of the shaver.

Operation and Ease of Use

In reviews for other models in the X-series, users have bemoaned the fact that other foils in the range make shaving a lengthy process. The Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver is engineered to solve this problem with what Remington calls the Intercept system. Along with the two steel foil trimmers, the shaver features a trimming mechanism in the middle that cuts longer hairs as you pass over. By reducing the shape of longer growth, the Intercept System allows the foils to whisk away hair in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take. The shaver also features Flex and Pivot technology, meaning that the foils flex independently, and the entire head pivots with each pass along the face. This makes it easy to get into tight spaces like under the nose and to cover curved surfaces like the jawline.

Results After Shaving

Some reviews for the Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver describe dissatisfaction with the closeness of the shave possible with this electric shaver; however, on closer examination, it becomes apparent that these individuals are comparing wet shaving with a razor to the Titanium-X. For a man who has never used an electric shaver before, it will take a little time to adjust to how to properly use any foil shaver. Our experience was that the F7800 provides a very close, smooth shave. We rate it as superior to most other foil shavers and as good as the rest.

Sensitive skin?

The consensus seems to be that the Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver is safer for sensitive skin. We experienced no problems with post-shaving irritation after use. The Flex and Pivot system eliminates tugging, so razor burn is very unlikely with this model.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the areas in which the Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver gets nearly universal glowing praise in Remington electric shaver reviews, and we agree that this razor’s battery life is exceptional. The razor takes 2 hours to charge completely, and although this is lengthy, it can be repowered enough to use one time in just 5 minutes. Once the battery is fully charged, the shaver can run for up to 60 minutes. There is a handy LCD display built into the design, so you can see the exact number of minutes of battery life remaining. This greatly reduces the risk of forgetting to recharge the shaver.

Cleaning and Care

The Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver is washable, making cleanup after use rather quick and easy. The trimmer is titanium coated for durability, and the storage pouch offers complete protection for the foils. The foils do need to be replaced periodically. A few have stated that it’s not possible to find the replacement parts in the UK. We did a search and located parts with shipping to the UK without any issue.

Special Features

Many reviews rave about the portability of the Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver, and we concur that this is an ideal razor for men who travel frequently. The razor does have universal voltage for use while travelling. Another handy feature is the pop-up trimmer for sideburns and mustaches.

Final Thoughts

Like the majority Remington electric razor reviews state, the Remington F7800 Titanium-X Dual Foil Shaver is a very high quality foil shaver that provides an exceptionally close shave with very little risk of irritation. We strongly recommend this shaver for men who need a convenient razor to use while travelling as well as for any other man who prefers dry shaving and wants a quality shaver that can be purchased at an economical price.

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