The Pros and Cons of the electric shaver

Both the electric shaver and manual shaver have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here are a few advantages in addition to those stated on the previous page.

Advantages of the electric shaver-

  1. Very safe to use- If you want to achieve a safe (cut-free) shave, it’s simple. With a manual razor, it takes a lot more skill and practice to achieve a ‘safe’ shave every time.
  2. Save money- Using an electric shaver means you won’t need to continually replace dull blades. Since you can achieve a great shave with the shaver alone, you’ll save money on buying pricey shaving products.
  3. Save time- You won’t have to spend extra time applying water and products to your face before shaving since these are not essential when using an electric shaver.
  4. Multi-purpose- Many can be used for more than just shaving a beard. They’re also effective for shaving things like sideburns too


Disadvantages of the electric shaver-

  1. Pricey to start off– Although in the long run electric shavers may be a cheaper option, the upfront cost is higher.
  2. Shaves close but not as close as a manual- A great shave can be achieved with an electric shaver, but the closeness of the shave will very rarely rival that of a manual. However, some higher end shavers are on par with the manual blade in terms of closeness of shave.
  3. Noise- Fast results come at the cost of noise. Electric shavers do tend to make quite a bit of noise when operating.
  4. Battery- They come with the general disadvantages of all battery powered goods. Despite this, the batterys fitted in electric shavers last for many many years without losing any run time. Most can also achieve a full charge in as little as an hour.