Braun Waterflex WF2s Foil Shaver

braun waterflex wf2s foil shaverBraun always makes sure to have high quality standards and the Braun Waterflex WF2s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver meets those standards. This shaver offers amazing skin comfort and a neat close shave even in problem areas with its adaptive swivel head. See full review of the Braun Waterflex WF2s Foil Shaver below.

The Basics/ In The Box

When you unbox you will get the Braun Waterflex WF2s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver and the first thing you’ll notice is its sleek design and comfortability with its grips for your hands and thumbs making it feel great when you hold it. You will notice that you can change the mode of the shaver between wet and dry so it’s useable in the shower. Also at the back of the shaver you have a trimmer which slides out with ease, this is quite convenient. In the box, you also receive a protective cap, a SmartPlug, a Cleaning brush, an instruction booklet and as with all Braun Shavers a 2-year warranty. The suggested retail price of this shaver is over £160 but you can get it for a discounted price here.

Operations and Ease of Use

With a lot of foil shavers there is a concern of getting a smooth shave with them. The Braun Waterflex WF2s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver however, provides quite a smooth shave and leaves your skin feeling comfortable. Even after using it over 5 times there has been no hair pulling, cuts or nicks and this is due to the swivelling shaver head that adjusts to the structure of your face comfortably. If you inexperienced at using shaver this is perfect for you as it is easy to use and is very safe. It is completely waterproof and can be used with no problems in the shower and works fine when using foam, producing great results.

Results After Shaving

For an electric foil shaver, it is quite impressive how much of a close shave it gives. The swivel head of the Braun Waterflex WF2s Foil Shaver works well to leave your skin feeling very smooth after shaving. The swivel head also works well at reaching problem areas such as under the chin and across the jawline. One clean and close shave only takes 5 minutes with shaver so it is convenient on time. It works quite well as a wet shave and glides down your skin with smoothness also providing you with a close shave.

Sensitive Skin?

The Braun Waterflex WF2s foil shaver is designed to work well when using shaving foam or cream because of its sealed body and this prevents skin irritation. With some care and due to the motion of the swivel head it provides a close shave without irritating your skin because the shaver can catch every hair long or short.

Battery Life

The Braun Waterflex WF2s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver uses a powerful Li-ion rechargeable battery and a full charge takes only one hour, while the use time is 45 minutes. In terms of convenience it meets expectations as it doesn’t take the shaver long to charge and since a good shave only take 5 minutes with this shaver you can get many shaves out off a full charge. The shaver comes with a power cable that plugs into a bathroom plug so you need to plug it into an adapter to use in a mains outlet. The Braun Waterflex WF2s foil shaver cannot be used while plugged in, this is good as you can’t accidently use it in the shower and harm yourself. There is a battery indicator on the shaver which is green when the shaver is charged and red when it requires charging.

Cleaning and Care

The Braun Waterflex WF2s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver is very easy to clean. To empty the hairs there is a couple of buttons either side of the shaver head and you simply press those in and the main blade pops out the top of the shaver, then you simply empty it out. When using wet it doesn’t require much cleaning at all as the hairs fall of smoothly.

Special Features

One special feature of the Braun Waterflex WF2s Men’s Electric Foil Shaver is the trimmer that slides out at the back of the shaver. This is very easy to use and is useful for quick trim of the sideburns or shaping up a beard. Another feature is the protective guard which is useful for travelling as you just clip it onto the top of the shaver head and this protects the blades when you are on the go. It also comes with a cleaning brush for brushing off the blades.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Braun Waterflex WF2s foil shaver performs very well giving you a comfortable shave, the swivel head is the best feature as it can glide and follow the contours of your face brilliantly. The ergonomic design and rubber grips make it feel safe even when you are using it in the shower. It’s also simple to use making it a good shaver for new users while giving you a perfect clean and close shave without harming your skin or pulling hair, making it ideal for daily use.

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